Newland Environmental Services Offered

The services offered by Newland Environmental and associated companies are outlined below:

Environmental Management and Approvals
  • Preparation of Mining Proposals and Programs of Work (exploration) including Excess Tonnage Applications as required under the approvals processes of the Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (‘DMP’) and the online lodgement of applications using DMP’s Environmental Assessment and Regulatory System (‘EARS’).
  • Preparation of Mine Closure Plans (preliminary, operational and decommissioning) for all types of mining operations (prospecting to large open cut mines).
  • Preparation of DMP Annual Environmental Reports (‘AER’s) and online lodgement using DMP’s Environmental Assessment and Regulatory System 2 (‘EARS 2’).
  • Preparation of Mining Rehabilitation Fund (‘MRF’) information including calculation of area of disturbance data using ArcGIS and annual MRF lodgement using EARS 2.
  • Preparation of Native Vegetation Clearing Permit (‘NVCP’) applications.
  • Preparation of NVCP Annual Clearing Reports for submission to DMP or Department of Environment Regulation (‘DER’).
  • Preparation of Works Approvals and Licences to Operate for submission to DER as required under Part 5 the Environmental Protection Act 1976.
  • Preparation of DER Annual Compliance reports for Licences to Operate.
  • Preparation of Public Environmental Reviews (‘PER’) and Assessment on Proponent Information (‘API’) for submission to the Environmental Protection Authority (’EPA’) as required under Part 4 the Environmental Protection Act 1976.
  • Specialist assistance with the environmental approvals processes.
  • Liaison and consultation with Government regulators.
  • All general aspect of environmental management at mining and exploration areas.
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for all mining and exploration requirements as well as other situations such as pastoral stations and local Government.
  • Due diligence and environmental auditing of mining and exploration sites.
    Environmental monitoring; flora, fauna and groundwater.
  • Preparation of 26D Licences to Explore for Water and 5C Licences to take Groundwater as required under the approvals processes of the Department of Water WA (‘DOW’).
  • Preparation of Borefield Operating Strategies and Annual Water Reports for DOW.
  • All aspects of exploration and mine site rehabilitation.
  • Design and preparation of rehabilitation programs (task registers) for the management of rehabilitation activities at mining and exploration sites.
  • Supervision of rehabilitation programs and management of earthmoving contracts.
  • Environmental training, mentoring and staff support.
  • Provision of personnel for onsite environmental management duties.
  • All aspects of report writing, editing and proofing including map and figure preparation.