Newland Environmental Services Offered

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Surveys (undertaken by Navaids)
  • Environmental and terrain mapping using unmanned aerial vehicles (‘UAV’s) in association with Navaids Pty Ltd (
  • Aerial surveys using a ‘SmartOne’ (plane type UAV) equipped with a 16.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. A typical mission is along predesigned flight pathways at an altitude of 200m above ground level over an area of 2.5km by 2.5km.
  • Aerial surveys using a multirotor ‘DJI Phantom 2 Plus’ (helicopter type UAV) with a gimbal mount and a GoPro camera for photos and videos.
  • Image data processing for spatial rectification and creation of high resolution aerial photographs and 3D models.
  • Near-infrared sensor surveys. The near-infrared sensor is a multichannel detector sensitive to radiation within a narrow wavelength band. The resulting multilayer image contains both the brightness and spectral (colour) information that is ideal for agriculture and environmental assessment purposes (determining specific plant species, vegetation communities and condition).
  • Site reconnaissance mapping. The UAV can be used for general site reconnaissance in inaccessible terrain and to plan access routes into difficult terrain.
  • Environmental monitoring using programmed coordinates to relocate and repeat measurements on a regular basis.
  • Construction site monitoring for progress reporting.